Corporate Wellness Program - JRF Certified

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Don't know what to get your employees for Christmas? Why don't you treat them to a better and more productive 2017.  

Josef Rakich is an ISSA certified personal trainer who has helped thousands of people feel better and look great.  Jo and the team at JRF are trained to assist and support you and your employees along the path to a more healthy life.  This program focuses on improving your employee's overall fitness and nutrition.  The programs are personalized for each of your employees depending on their goals e.g. to lose weight, feel better, build muscle etc.  The plans and programs are accessed via the JRF APP which is available in IOS & Android versions. 

This program is normally $87 per quarter per person.  For December only we are offering a Christmas special to employers:

  • 5 Employee pack - $287 
  • 10 Employee pack - $497 
  • 25 employee pack - $932 
After purchasing you will receive an email that will include all the information on how to get your staffed signed up and underway with their program.